Research and Development - Formulation Specialist

R&D Formulation Specialist
A formulation specialist will blend and test many variations of product concepts and targeted products for future production. The formulation specialist will work with R&D manager and QA associates to ensure products are developed in accordance with GMP standards, gathering compliance documentation and maintaining good development records.
Main Responsibilities:
Interacting with sales and production on formulating powder, liquids and leaf.
Gathering, reviewing, approving or issuing R&D documents with associates.
Interact with QA, internal TRoT associates and or clients regarding product issues and or opportunities.
Work with relevant departments to ensure timely start-ups and resulting needed actions/findings.
Be able to work within a GMP regulated environment.
Knowledge of chemistry and food science.
Accuracy and attention to details.
Excellent interpersonal skills.
Strong problem-solving skills, issue resolution and root cause analysis.
Highly flexible and adaptable.
Able to work independently in a fast -paced multitasking environment.
Fluent in English (reading, writing & speaking).
3-5 years experience
Bachelor's/college degree in Chemistry, Food Science or other relevant subject.
Familiar with product formulation and packaging criteria.
Food experience, preferably beverage

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